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Modern medical advancements are changing the way we look at cancer treatment. As far as we’ve come within the oncology community, a critical issue we still face is detection. Leaving behind even the smallest remnants of cancerous tissue can lead to greatly increased recurrence rates, decreased quality of life, and even death.

We can do better

With current imaging modalities, neurooncologists are left with no choice but to leave cancer behind, wishing they could do more for their patients. Patients are left knowing that the end of their life is near and that this is somehow a better prognosis than disrupting delicate tissue and losing cognitive function. This has been the case for decades with little improvement.

Leaving no rock unturned, we set out to create a new reality for physicians and patients alike – one that we’re confident will be a life-changer.

The Raman effect

An optical effect known as Raman light scattering was discovered by Nobel Prize-winning scientist C.V. Raman during the early 20th century. Raman light scattering as it applies to tissue analysis is when monochromatic laser light hits tissue, the light interacts with the molecular bonds present in the tissue, causing a pattern of wavelength shifts and leading the scattered light emitted to act as a molecular fingerprint unique to the tissue.

To slow that down – laser light hits tissue creating scattered light, which is interpreted as the “fingerprint” of a given tissue type.

“What if we could use this idea of fingerprints to track down elusive brain cancer?”

This question got us thinking, eventually serving as the catalyst that led to the birth of Reveal Surgical and the inception of our flagship product: Sentry.

The Sentry System

Sentry is able to identify within seconds whether the tissue being investigated is cancerous or not.

Our technology allows surgeons to safely and precisely remove more cancer than current imaging modalities – ultimately leading to better outcomes for patients.
Sentry’s ability to characterize tissue in vivo – while in surgery – is a game-changer. Surgeons can gain clarity on the type of tissue they’re investigating simply by applying an optical tool to the area in question. The power behind this probe is an AI engine that provides real-time tissue diagnostics.

We built our AI engine by taking thousands of Raman measurements from hundreds of patients across different tissues types – cancerous tissue, normal tissue, and those in-between – correlating them in real-time with their ground truths. These ground truths have been determined by hospital pathologists with extensive expertise in tissue classification. We then built a predictive classifier using these measurements, which in turn informs us whether or not the selected tissue is cancerous. The more measurements we add, the more accurate the classifier becomes.

Looking Beyond

Our technology isn’t just for brain cancer – It’s truly indication agnostic.

Our solution opens a new era of surgical procedures. There’s no limit to the types of data-driven insights that we can provide surgeons to help them make critical decisions in-vivo. Brain, lungs, breast, or prostate – our technology gives them the tissue characterization precision they can trust, when and where they need it most.

This non-invasive, optical biopsy tool serves as a natural extension of surgeons’ years of training and expertise and fits seamlessly into their workflow to provide submillimeter precision without relying on a conventional image. For patients, additional cancer removal while reducing the risk of damaging otherwise healthy tissue, lowers the rate of recurrences, repeated procedures, and side effects, leading to better procedure outcomes and quality of life.

Ultimately, we aim to give surgeons the most innovative tools they need to uncover what lies beyond the horizon. We help life-saving healthcare providers the ability to see the unseen.

With Reveal, see more, treat more, live more.

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