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ODS Medical Inc has rebranded as Reveal Surgical

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MONTRÉAL, Nov. 9, 2021 /CNW/ – As of November 2nd, ODS Medical, a Montreal-based AI medical technology startup, has rebranded as Reveal Surgical. Reveal Surgical helps surgeons see the unseen. Reveal’s technology can detect cancerous tissue that has been left behind using traditional imaging methods, combining an AI engine that provides real-time tissue characterization and intuitive optical probes that can be manipulated easily in a variety of surgical settings. The company aims to empower doctors to make critical decisions in vivo, in real-time, safely, and precisely. Reveal is gearing up for the next stage in their commercial journey with a pivotal clinical trial of SentryTM, its brain tumor product, launching in 2022. This rebrand gives the company a platform to better represent the company’s values and personality. Reveal Surgical defines their values as Bold, as they take calculated risks; Refined, their big ideas are backed by sophisticated execution; and Human, the purpose of human life is to serve, show compassion, and help others.

Get to know us a bit better on our website www.revealsurgical.com

About Reveal Surgical 

Reveal Surgical is a Montreal-based AI medical technology startup specializing in tissue characterization. Reveal pairs cutting-edge optical probes with sophisticated machine learning methods to detect cancer that otherwise can’t be found using any other imaging modality. As a result, reveal Surgical help surgeons see the unseen. The company’s goal is to provide deeper, data-driven insights into the tissue surgeons encounter and increase confidence in their decision-making around tumor resection. At 25+ employees and clinical studies in 3 countries, Reveal Surgical is also growing and developing their technology for use indications beyond cancer.

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For further information: 1 (514) 340-5763 or email us at info@revealsurgical.com

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