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Better technologies for better lives

As modern technology continues to improve the lives of billions, it is the discovery of these innovations and those responsible for their development that are changing the world. We couldn’t be more proud to be at the forefront of these efforts with an ever growing team of experts.

Our Values

We Are Open

When everyone counts, ideas are judged on their merits not their origins.

As a company, we strive to always keep an open mind and believe that active listening to others is a critical skill. We are not a flat organization. There is a hierarchy and a structure of responsibility but everyone deserves to be heard regardless of their position in that hierarchy or identity. We also actively value disagreements and being listened to does not mean everyone will agree with you.

Everyone counts also means that your responsibilities to others outside the company are equally important regardless of your job title. Flex time, sick leave and family obligations are not perks that are earned with promotions, they form a core part of how we all work together.

We Are Here To Help

Reveal is first and foremost a culture of service.

We are here spending our time, energy and talents helping others. We build things to help surgeons and oncologists do a better job. We are here to help improve the lives of patients through better procedure outcomes and improved safety. We are here to help our partner organizations live up to their missions. We are here to help each other do the best job possible.

Go where you are most needed and do something awesome for somebody else. All these little acts of service together will lead to us making a major impact in the world.

We Do What’s Right

Why did you think this was the right thing to do? 
The only unforgivable answer to this question is
 “I don’t know”.

As a small company, we all wear many hats and are asked to contribute in many efforts beyond our job title. We do not have the time or inclination to be monitoring the execution of every task, to be double-checking every decision taken by everyone on the team.

If you are here, it is because we believe you have something critically important to bring to the table and are better than everybody else at something we need you to do. We trust you to do what is right. Feel free to ask for help, advice or for anything else you need to move forward but when push comes to shove you will do what you think is right. We may not agree with you, but if we don’t, the first question to be asked is:

We Learn From Our Mistakes

Make mistakes, find mistakes and most importantly share them, talk about them and figure out what comes next.

Shit happens. What we are trying to do here is very, very, hard and most days we are aiming for progress, precision but not perfection. Remember, for the most part, done is better than perfect, and nothing will slow you down more than fear of getting something wrong. You are here to make mistakes. That is OK.

What is not OK is just accepting our mistakes and letting them go. Our mistakes are incredibly valuable, as they point the way forward. We must not lose these lessons.

We Are Excited About What We Do

Nothing about what you do here will be easy. We are building something very complicated that has never existed before. It will be demanding and frustrating, stressful and infuriating. The one thing it will not be is boring. If you find yourself dreading the next day of work because you can’t face the monotony or just don’t care, something has gone very wrong. We choose to do this work because it excites us. We embrace the challenge and relish the opportunity to do something new, something important, something that will change lives. If that doesn’t get you up in the morning then you might need to find somewhere else to spend your day.


Reveal is continuously committed to creating an equal opportunity workplace. Applicants will receive the same opportunities for employment regardless of race, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, religion, age, disability, or veteran status.

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