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Developing AI-Enabled Optical Detection Systems for Tumor Margin Assessment and Tissue Characterization

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The New Generation of Assessment

When it comes to cancer treatment, even the smallest amount of leftover tissue can lead to recurrence. Reveal combines an AI engine that provides real-time tissue diagnostics, sophisticated optical techniques, and an intuitive probe that can be manipulated easily during surgery. We give world-class surgeons the ability to confidently identify previously undetected cancerous tissue in vivo, giving patients a greater chance at a healthier life.

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Our Technology

Surgeons are often faced with critical decisions in real-time. With little margin for error, greater tumor cell identification and precise excision are key – remove too little tissue and risk fatal recurrences or remove too much and cause profound neurological damage. Learn more about how Reveal’s technology is tackling this problem.

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The Sentry™

Our future flagship product for neurosurgery. Our intraoperative platform brings the diagnostic capability of Raman Spectroscopy and the power of AI to the hands of surgeons.

We aim to allow surgeons to make in vivo, real-time measurements of brain tissue and identify the presence of invasive cancer cells, at the sub-millimeter scale. Investigational studies have shown Raman-based classifiers can reveal invasive cancer past the boundary of MRI with high accuracy, sensitivity, and specificity. We are developing our product to harness this precision for the moments it’s needed most. Learn more on our Technology Page.

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Our research partners are helping us to lead the charge in tumour identification innovation.

Our investors are helping us to lead the charge in tumour identification innovation.

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With your help, we can continue to discover new methods of tissue characterization, together changing the landscape of medicine.

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ODS Medical Inc has rebranded as Reveal Surgical

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